(English) NASDU accredited training by SafeLane Global

(English) As a NASDU accredited company, SafeLane has developed a training course enabling staff who show potential to train to become accredited EDD handlers.


How SafeLane maintains the highest standards on its canine projects globally

Less than a year ago, SafeLane was lucky enough to entice Bob Crawford away from the Metropolitan Police to join the team in the Ross office. 

Bob was a counter terrorism search officer and explosives search dog handler before becoming an instructor at the prestigious Metropolitan Police Dog Training Establishment.   He joined SafeLane as Canine Operations Manager and was tasked with advancing already high standards across all canine projects.

With hindsight, it was inevitable that his unrivalled professional experience and dynamic drive would result in very rapid and positive change.


Achieving NASDU accreditation

One of Bob’s first significant advancements was achieving The National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) accreditation for SafeLane.  This means the company is now an official overseas member thanks to the high standards of its global portfolio of canine operations.


Train the trainer: NASDU Accredited Explosive Search Dog Instructor course

The next step was the creation and delivery of a NASDU accredited instructor’s course for some of the company’s canine trainers. 

NASDU training in South AfricaThe course was delivered by an independent instructor and assessor alongside Bob at SafeLane’s dog school in South Africa.  The students who achieved NASDU Accredited Explosive Search Dog Instructor level were Talitha Etsebeth, Elmarine Etsebeth and Luthando Vuyelwa, with Jean Marie Bakundimana and Bonifance Mokua achieving NASDU Accredited Explosive Search Dog Trainer status.


Advancing the skills and careers of on-project staff

The next phase of work Bob is undertaking is enabling the newly accredited instructors and trainers to advance their skills by developing on-project staff.  He has created an 18-week course that will both develop trainers and enable them to deliver the Safelane NASDU Accredited Handler Course.

This course enables kennel hands who show potential to have the opportunity to train to become accredited handlers.

Jean Marie Junior and Simon NASDU training course participantsIn Burkina Faso, the first training course has begun; it’s being led by Jean Marie Bakundimana, giving him valuable experience as a trainer.  He’s developing two students, Simon Shabangu and Junior Tsedha, who’ve each shown desire and ability to advance from kennel hands to handlers.

The course is being run at the learners’ pace, following structured, NASDU accredited lesson plans, with each handler having to demonstrate proficiency in a given lesson’s area of focus before moving on to the next. 

The training has multiple benefits:

  • Not only is Jean Marie putting his new skills into practice…
  • Simon and Junior are advancing their careers with SafeLane. 
  • Additionally, the canines being utilised for the training are so-called orphan dogs.  These are dogs whose handlers are on leave, and normally only get exercise and play each day, rather than a chance to train and work…something they love.

Everyone at SafeLane is keenly following the progress of the team in Burkina…watch this space for further updates.