Flächenräumung in Mosambik

Im Rahmen der Vorbereitung für den Bau einer Küstenstraße von Mucojo nach Quissanga in Mosambik haben wir auf einem 46 km langen Teilstück zwischen Pemba und Mocimboa da Praia für die Flächenräumung in einem Waldgebiet gesorgt.

Area clearance:

SafeLane Global was awarded the contract for the clearance between Mucojo and Quissanga in order to enable geotechnical investigation of a section of the proposed Coastal Road between the cities of Pemba and Mocimboa da Praia.

The terrain was mixed coastal forest in the Quirimbas National Park. SafeLane Global’s team were required to clear 24 boreholes and 12 CPT pads over 46km.

It deployed 24 technical staff, employed and trained 42 local nationals, and sub-contracted 2 bulldozers. 

All were organised as 5 distinct work groups (survey, marking, mechanical, manual vegetation removal and battle area clearance).

A foot reconnaissance and non-technical survey of the proposed route was conducted first.

A fly camp was established in Mucujo village as a base for the contract thereafter.

The alignment was surveyed and marked for mechanical vegetation clearance by bulldozer, subsequent manual tidy up and battle area clearance search.

A 46km access road was cleared to 6m width and 36 Borehole and CPT pads of 30 x 30m were prepared and cleared.


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