(English) Munitions clearance that aided the construction of Disneyland Hong Kong

(English) Find out how the Marine team's munitions decontamination efforts supported the construction of Disneyland Hong Kong.


Marketing executive Mary Pipikakis caught up with Marine Director Chas Reid to find how his team’s munitions decontamination efforts supported the construction of Disneyland Hong Kong.

The dredging operation at Penny’s Bay

In 2001 – 2002, SafeLane Global supported dredging operations in Penny’s Bay in Hong Kong by providing UXO detection and clearance services.

The dredging required for land reclamation in the harbour.  Once the reclamation had been complete, the newly formed land would be used for the construction of Disneyland Hong Kong.

The client identified the sand and sediment that was being extracted during the dredging process was contaminated with munitions.  This mean it couldn’t be used for reclamation without SafeLane’s help. 

SafeLane’s dredging clearance operations

Initially SafeLane began carrying out surveys to understand the extent of the UXO threat. This enabled the client to understand how long clearance would take, and the impact this would have on their project timelines.

Once the surveys were completed SafeLane’s experts began project planning to work out the best way of disposing of the UXO safely.

Without the specific dredging UXO services, it would not have been possible to complete the land reclamation process and construction project.

Collaborative working with the emergency services

SafeLane took over the UXO stage of the project management. It provided expert insights into the marine landscape, the types of UXO that would be encountered and the best ways to remove the threat.

Marine Director, Chas Reid was onsite throughout phase 3 of the project to ensure the smooth delivery of the project. Part of his role saw him liaising closely with the Hong Kong police to ensure civilian safety  and to advise and support the munitions disposal operations.

Making sure every coast is clear

To ensure the safety of site workers, civilians, marine environments and equipment – UXO mitigation services are essential for all dredging operations.

Without a threat assessment and site survey, it will be impossible to determine how far UXO could impact your dredging project. 

Make sure the coast is clear for your project to progress, contact the SafeLane marine team for a free initial assessment today.



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