SafeLane Global has completed over 20,000 projects in more than 60 countries – from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. It operates on land and in water.

In the UK, Germany and Austria it counters potential unexploded ordnance (UXO) threats and delivers engineering and consultation services to support the needs of its commercial and governmental clients. Internationally, it is a leading service provider countering explosive and hazardous material threats and security risks for humanitarian, commercial and governmental organisations.

SafeLane Global saves the time and money of its clients – and the lives of innocent people worldwide.

SafeLane Global’s project and operations personnel are highly trained, experienced and skilled professionals, supported by passionate and dedicated colleagues around the world.  They are directed by a management team that includes decorated veterans and successful business leaders. The management team has an unparalleled 100+ years‘ combined experience in hands-on risk mitigation. They understand both the commercial needs and humanitarian challenges of SafeLane Global’s clients.


Humanitäre Einsätze

Humanitäre Projekte an Land und zu Wasser im Auftrag zwischenstaatlicher Organisationen, Hilfsorganisationen und Nichtregierungsorganisationen (NGOs).



Unterstützung von Behörden und anderen Verantwortungsträgern im In- und Ausland bei der Erfüllung ihrer Aufgaben wie beispielsweise der Kampfmittelräumung.


Gewerbliche Aufträge

Beseitigung von Kampfmittelrisiken bei gewerblichen Bau- und Bergbauprojekten, Bauvorhaben von Energieversorgern, Infrastruktur- und Immobilienprojekten zu Land und Wasser.