(English) Falkland Islands team thanked for supporting defibrillator charity

(English) SafeLane's Falkland Islands team, which has been demining the islands since 2009, was recently thanked for its contribution to a new defibrillator charity.


In August, the Falkland Islands‘ Governor Nigel Philips CBE hosted a reception at Government House for a newly formed local charity called Southern Heartbeat which ensures public access to defibrillators.

During the reception, Mr. Philips thanked all who had made significant donations to help the charity surpass its original financial forecasts.  Thanks included SafeLane’s Falkland Islands team who raised funds to help with the launch of the charity and its critical life saving initiative.

Southern Heartbeat collected sufficient funds to ensure publicly available artificial external defibrillators (AEDs) are now available both in Stanley and camp locations.

The donation SafeLane made came from Technical Director John Hare who was delighted to support the cause.