Mit den umfassenden Lösungen von SafeLane Global lassen sich die komplexen Kampfmittelrisiken bei Bauprojekten beseitigen und die kommerziellen Auswirkungen minimieren.

Your construction site is at risk:

  • Hundreds of thousands of bombs were dropped on Britain, Germany and across Europe during WWI and WWII.
  • At least 10% failed to explode; many remain undiscovered, buried on land or hidden in deep water.
  • The older an unexploded bomb gets, the more volatile and dangerous it becomes.
  • Heat, shock or vibration cause detonation.
  • The lives of your personnel, the outcome of your construction project and your commercial bottom line are all at risk from this threat.

The complexity of the risk unexploded ordnance (UXO) poses constructors requires specialist end-to-end support from SafeLane Global to mitigate the threat and minimise the commercial impact.

Risk assessment:

SafeLane Global’s researchers, explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) specialists and engineers understand both the risk and the cost implications that the presence of UXO has on a project site.

They work responsively, delivering fully interpreted risk assessments that are so accurate and reliable, manual intervention is not always required. 

You’re enabled to make informed decisions about the potential UXO risk affecting your land, site or marine project.  A risk assessment reduces evaluation time, improves project risk management, proposes clear risk mitigation actions and saves you money.


Non-intrusive and intrusive surveys are tailored to your site’s specific potential threat, ground-conditions, intended works and proposed future use.

You receive accurate, timely information and advice about the location and identification of any potential UXO threats or other hazards – whether buried or located within structures.

Expert reporting and advice from SafeLane Global supports your decision making and risk management, ensuring the most successful outcome for your project.


Where UXO is detected, expected or accidentally unearthed, whether on land or in water, SafeLane Global rapidly deploys.

Its qualified EOD engineers and specialist equipment attend and locate, identify and make safe all potential UXO.

Your personnel, site and perimeter are secured, and using manual or mechanical means, UXO is safely extracted.


Uniquely, SafeLane has the capability to dispose of UXO, avoiding the need to dispose of most live ordnance on site. 

In the UK and Germany its mobile bomb disposal units are approved to transport munitions, and its staff are the most highly trained and experienced EOD experts in the industry.

Additionally, SafeLane is your multi-agency and stakeholder liaison partner, ensuring the police, army or navy support or lead operations where appropriate or required.

Managing your site’s UXO risk

Download SafeLane’s UXO management flowchart for the construction industry here.


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