(English) Energy

(English) SafeLane supports its energy and renewable energy clients in preparation for their offshore and onshore projects through the provision of unexploded ordnance risk mitigation services.

Operations undertaken by SafeLane include surveys and inspections, as well as detection, clearance and detonation of unexploded ordnance to enable the safe development of everything from hydroelectric plants, wind and solar farms to oil and gas fields.


Designated land and marine based sites for energy projects can be at risk from the effects of military action, training and munition dumping.

SafeLane adopts technology-led, cost effective solutions to eliminate the risk of unexploded ordnance – thus avoiding injury to site employees, damage to equipment or costly project delays.

Services include unexploded ordnance risk consultancy, surveying and the direct management of threats.

SafeLane underwrites client risk, manages its threat and delivers comprehensive solutions – ensuring reputational risk, project delays and financial losses are avoided.  It also provides:

  • A range of specialist geophysical survey techniques (both intrusive and non-intrusive)
  • Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) engineers and on-site support
  • On-call EOD response
  • Rapid response


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