Öl- und Gas

SafeLane unterstützt Kunden aus der Öl- und Gasindustrie durch Kampfmittelräumung, seismische Dienstleistungen, Schutz und verschiedenen Untersuchungen.

Wir kennen die Sicherheits- und Kontaminationsgefahren, mit denen die Kunden aus diesem Sektor konfrontiert sind. Wir decken ein Teil ihrer Risiken, steuern die Risiken und bieten umfassende Lösungen.

It has been supporting upstream and integrated companies with everything from mine action and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) to canine services since inception.

It is trusted by leading names in the sector because it enables them to engage, extract and deliver efficiently, responsibly and profitably in environmentally and socially responsible ways.

SafeLane provides integrated explosive remnants of war remediation and security management services to major energy companies globally.

Upstream, its specialists manage environmental and social risk, helping clients build their social license to operate.  It also provides trusted and experienced geotechnical advice to get design right first time, and construction control testing to prevent delays.

It has been supporting upstream exploration companies with mine action, EOD and canine services since inception, and has a thorough understanding of the contamination threat companies face.

Downstream, SafeLane provides outcome-driven site assessment and remediation services to optimise land value. 

Right across the value chain, its workplace specialists implement programs to protect the health and safety of a client’s workforce.

Most recently, SafeLane completed a 16-month project on behalf of an energy company in Sindibad, Iraq.  It was tasked with clearing 8,000,000m2 of land adjacent to the Iranian border, of which 30% of the land was mined.  It has also supported operations in Mozambique, clearing over 5,000,000m2 to date, most recently for a leading energy company.

Its canine teams currently provide explosive detection for many major companies on entry control points at project sites, camp facilities, and loading stations, always successfully integrating into the overall security arrangements at each individual project location.


Kampfgebietsräumung in Libyen

Langfristige Kampfmittelräumarbeiten im Rahmen einer humanitären Mission in der Oasenstadt Hon.

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