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Bomb dog tracks poachers

Explosive detection dog Don suffered stress on project in Africa; SafeLane retrained him to track poachers in the wild and now he's happily re-homed.

Somalia EOD and IEDD project visit outcomes

HQ staff recently visited field colleagues in Somalia and benefitted from a deeper understanding of what project staff encounter on a daily basis.

Explosive risk mitigation project support staff

SafeLane's international operations require teams of dedicated staff to provide life support: discover what makes the Somalian team world class.

SafeLane runners smash £10,000 fundraising target

Staff from the Falklands to the Forest of Dean, from Mogadishu to Mozambique and from Kismayo to Kenya ran half marathons to raise £10,000 for charity

World Humanitarian Day

The UN's World Humanitarian Day honours humanitarian efforts worldwide. This year, it is focused on women whose work supports people in crisis and conflict zones, women like SafeLane's Mel, Debbie and Marta, pictured.

Counter IED training

SafeLane HQ staff have been fortunate to receive three days' counter IED (C-IED) training from experienced search professional and training and mentoring expert Vikki Williams.

14 IEDs disposed of 1252 people trained

SafeLane is operational globally; its field staff are extremely humble and modest...but here's what one team supported in just one month on a single p

Drone collected geospatial data processing training

SafeLane surveyor Blessing Kachidza, who is currently operational in the Falkland Islands, recently attended a government sponsored training workshop

Celebrating Armed Forces Day

Ahead of Britain's Armed Forces Day on June 29th, SafeLane would like to say 'thank you' to the exceptional individuals who make up the armed forces community.

SafeLane Supports Digital Pipeline

As part of its commitment to sustainability, SafeLane supports Digital Pipeline, a leading technology charity that provides computers to developing countries worldwide.

NASDU accredited training by SafeLane Global

As a NASDU accredited company, SafeLane has developed a training course enabling staff who show potential to train to become accredited EDD handlers.

Ciria C681 a guide to unexploded ordnance for the UK construction industry

A complete step-by-step guide to the Ciria C681 unexploded ordnance 4 stage risk management process for constructors.