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Is the disposal of UXO destroying marine environment?

In this subject matter expert opinion piece by SafeLane’s Marine Director Ryan Prophet, he explains how seriously the protection of the fragile marine ecosystem is taken – and what innovations exist to protect from UXO disposal operations.

Why work in mine action?

Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Assistant Mahmoud Abakir Ezairig explains how past experience motivated him to join the mine action sector. #MineActionApril

Samuel Khamis’ role as an Admin, Finance and Logistics Officer plays a vital role in mine action work in South Sudan

Find out how Samuel’s skills help contribute to mine action work, created safer spaces in South Sudan.

Supporting women to work in mine action

Mine action is traditionally male dominated; but we’re making strides to change this gender imbalance and make the sector more accessible to women like Salma. #MineActionApril

How does mine action benefit communities?

Ashley Le Boydre, a SafeLane EOD Mentor from Australia, describes the far reaching, positive ripples of mine action operations. #MineActionApril

What differences do mine action activities make?

EOD Mentor Team Leader Christian Jansson explains the differences that mine action activities make to local communities. #MineActionApril

Championing Tobias Chiumburu

Today we’re honouring Tobias Chiumburu, our longest-serving, legendary Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operator and Mentor who served the mine action sector for 24 years before his well-deserved retirement.

Demining Western Sahara

As part of our mine action series, Deminer Abdelahi Muesa shares with us what it's like to contribute to demining efforts in Western Sahara.

Chef Ibrahim feeds team for 200 days in lockdown in Western Sahara

Ibrahim is a dedicated cook working to support humanitarian mine action in Western Sahara.  During lockdown, Ibrahim kept the team fed for 200 days!  He kindly spent some time telling us how his role support mine action work... 

How mine action benefits Sudan

As part of our International Mine Action Day series, we asked Abdel Moneim El-Tayeb about his logistics role in Sudan and what made him want to work in this sector. #MineActionApril

Mine Action in Mali

From Ammunition Technician to Mine Action Project Manager in Mali: documenting the inimitable career of Chris ‘Yogi’ Lawrie. #MineActionApril

Companies that care day

It's companies that care day: so let's celebrate our colleagues who’ve taken time over the last 12 challenging months to raise money to help others.

International Women’s Day 2021 – Choose to challenge with Marta Macanda

International Women’s Day 2021 is focused on choosing to challenge, making it the perfect day to shine the staff spotlight on Marta Macanda, SafeLane’s Office and Finance Manager in Mozambique.

Staff Spotlight on Madeleine Eggerton

Madeleine Eggerton is a new addition to the WB + AD Morgan team.  Joining in October 2020 as an Operations Support team member, Maddie has quickly settled into her new role and become a valued member of the team.

Meet the borehole boss Richard Lane

Richard Lane is the General Manager of WB & AD Morgan (Morgans), which is a SafeLane Global company specialising in drilling boreholes for water and ground source heat - today he (reluctantly) steps into the Staff Spotlight!

Payroll Coordinator Jane steps into the spotlight

Jane supports the finance team by managing payroll across all our UK-based business units – you could say she’s our most loved colleague! 

Junior Project Manager Chelsea’s Staff Spotlight

Junior Project Manager Chelsea Williams talks to us about her family's military background, how the UK Land team keeps her smiling through lockdown, and her recent promotion.

Leaving the armed forces? Start your new career with SafeLane Global

Leaving the armed forces can be a daunting prospect; navigating the move back to civilian life can result in a lot of uncertainty. At SafeLane Global we take pride in supporting and valuing those who have served their country.

How to write your CV if you want to work for SafeLane Global

As a project-based company we are always in a hiring phase for contract staff – both in the UK and internationally. And as a high growth company, we are often in a hiring phase for additional permanent talent - if you want to work for SafeLane Global, here's how to make your CV stand out.

Rehabilitation for explosive detection dog Lux

At SafeLane, our explosive detection dogs (EDD) are just as much a part of the team as their human colleagues - and when one needs help, they get it. Learn about EDD Lux who is undergoing rehabilitation.

Discover dangerous UXO misconceptions with SafeLane Researcher Patrick Weller

Patrick is one of SafeLane’s team of inhouse researchers who help clients understand their construction site’s history, enabling them to make informed decisions about their unexploded ordnance risk mitigation strategy.

Why Glasgow is contaminated with unexploded ordnance?

SafeLane's research team explain Glasgow's historic significance and why it's contaminated with unexploded ordnance.

UK Commercial and Contracts Manager Lucie

Lucie Tiverrier joined the SafeLane team in 2012, initially as a Business Development Officer. Passion and remarkable work ethic have resulted in her role developing throughout her eight years with the company.

International Commercial Manager Claire

Over the last 11 years Claire Bodenham has grown and evolved with the company. Get to know Claire in this week's Staff Spotlight.

Meet EOD Engineer George Wood

George Wood is a member of SafeLane’s team of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Engineers who keep clients and communities safe from unexploded ordnance.

Meet Craig Robertson, who puts the health and safety of his SafeLane colleagues first

Craig joined during the first lockdown and is already making positive waves across the company by driving the highest standards across the board.

What’s the value of UXO risk mitigation services?

What value do UXO services offer? What is the impact of UXO? Who does UXO effect? What do these services enable? Get all the answers here.

Supporting St John Fisher’s school during the global pandemic

SafeLane's HR Manager Sharon Hemingway organised the donation of 5 laptops to St John Fisher's school to help learning and engagement.

Meet Daniel Carter

The newest member of the SafeLane family is Daniel Carter, a former Counter Improvised Explosive Device (C-IED) Warrant Officer in the British Army.

Rehoming a working dog

When it comes to looking after our working dogs, the focus for everyone at SafeLane is on both the physical and psychological wellbeing of each individual canine.