SafeLane Global is an end-to-end service provider, countering explosive & hazardous material threats and security risks.

It surveys, detects, identifies, protects, clears, mitigates, consults and trains in a wide range of end environments: from remote areas to conflict zones; from construction sites to built environments globally.

It has the capacity to deploy rapidly – in-country and internationally – to ensure that land or water is remediated in the safest, most cost-efficient manner.

SafeLane Global's services


Detecting and clearing threats, on land and in water. Leading a clear path through unsafe environments.

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With unswerving focus on the removal of risk, SafeLane leads the way with its full spectrum of consultancy services.

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Industry leading training and mentoring services: delivered anywhere in the world, including live combat zones.

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Commercial drilling services for water wells and boreholes, geotechnical exploration & geothermal energy supply.

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