UXO clearance for UK constructor

UK UXO company SafeLane provided full unexploded ordnance clearance for a constructor ahead of piling works for a large housing project in Enfield, London.

UXO clearance for UK constructor:

SafeLane Global was commissioned to provide site clearance ahead of piling works for the construction of a large housing project – made up of 9 blocks including apartment blocks up to 9 storeys in height.

Key unexploded ordnance (UXO) intrusive survey facts:

  • SafeLane recommended intrusively surveying 426 positions to bomb penetration depth (BPD) to identify discrete ferrous objects and ensure the ground was clear of unexploded ordnance.
  • The data collected each day was processed within 24 hours and interim clearance drawings were issued to the client daily.

A combination of intrusive survey methods were utilised to complete the works in the most efficient manner possible, saving the client time and therefore money.

Most masses that were modelled were able to be discounted as items of UXO through additional surveys – or the identification of geological/artificial trends across the site.

UXO survey detects an unexploded bomb

However, one mass modelling 50kg at a 5m depth matched the criteria of an item of UXO.

SafeLane carried out an additional three surveys at this location to triangulate the item’s position.  These surveys confirmed the presence of a discrete ferrous item.

Company experts calculated the exact position of the object – and its location was carefully excavated to 5m – under the full supervision of SafeLane Global’s explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) engineers.

After the safe clearance of the unexploded item, the remediated, safe site was handed back to the client fully cleared of UXO – ready for the piling works to commence.

Final clearance documentation was provided to the client, and the entire project was completed on time and on budget.

By taking this proactive approach to ensuring site safety, the constructor prevented any lethal surprises being encountered during piling operations.


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