Drilling pile locations

During an intrusive UXO survey, SafeLane identified complex ground conditions and remained on site to assist the constructor by drilling pile locations.

SafeLane drilling pile locations to overcome difficult ground conditions

Following the discovery of an unexploded bomb on a construction site in Glasgow, the constructor, McTaggart, called SafeLane in to help.

A team was rapidly deployed to deal with the ordnance, and a strategy was created to provide a full site intrusive unexploded ordnance survey. 

The plan was delivered and agreed upon in a timely manner to ensure the project did not encounter extensive delays…and was completed within 17 weeks.

During the intrusive survey process, the SafeLane drilling team advised they were encountering major ground obstructions.

The client was aware that the ground conditions were complex, but didn’t know just how difficult they would be to drill through before SafeLane began the intrusive UXO survey…and describe the discovery as something of a God send as it enabled detailed planning ahead of piling operations – saving time and money.

SafeLane has remained on site ever since, initially to drill out cores for sampling, and then to drill out individual pile positions to cut through the many obstructions encountered.

The site in question, Riverside Dalmarnock, is on the banks of the River Clyde where there was once a power station.  SafeLane’s findings revealed that when the power station was finally decommissioned it had not been fully remediated.

Below the surface the foundations and basements remain – which consist of everything from vast voids to reenforced concrete, sheet metal, H beams etc.

Riverside Dalmarnock is one of the biggest housing association jobs in Scotland, and it is being project managed by Stewart Cuthbertson who features in the above video.

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