Intrusive survey for airdropped bombs UK

The company was contracted to provide UXO risk mitigation services for infrastructure development at a sewage treatment works in UK.

Intrusive survey for unexploded bombs

SafeLane Global’s initial unexploded ordnance (UXO) risk assessment for the client identified the risk from UXO to be airdropped bombs from WWII, with at least 172 recorded bomb strikes on the site.

As the construction design was for extensive piling across the project site, an intrusive unexploded bomb (UXB) survey was required to provide the necessary clearance.

The UXB intrusive survey was conducted over 9 months with over 13,395 positions surveyed.

Due to the changing ground conditions and in some instances restricted site access, SafeLane Global deployed both the cone penetration testing and drilling methodologies for the UXB surveys with its own in-house equipment, technology and personnel.

In order to maintain the client’s programme, the number of survey units on site varied from 1 up to 8 units on site at any one time, co-ordinated by SafeLane Global’s dedicated on site project management team.

The survey data was initially assessed on site by the surveyors before being returned to head office for further processing and analysis using proprietary AGS software. 

The data was then subject to quality assurance checks with results confirmed within 24 hours.

Of the 13,395 individual surveys, seven anomalies were detected that required additional surveys for target triangulation, target modelling and assessment, only one target required intrusive investigation by specialist teams.

The result of this investigation was the discovery of a live UXB an SC 250kg German bomb from WWII.  It was successfully disposed of on-site.

After completion of the survey and disposal of the UXB full clearance certification was issued.

Client comments:

“[SafeLane Global] was able to schedule and deploy multiple resources in accordance with our demanding construction programme. The level of accuracy and reliability of the survey data is truly impressive with only one intrusive investigation which turned out to be a live UXB”


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