UXO risk assessment for UK constructor

Provision of detailed risk assessment of a residential estate within a central London Borough, prior to its demolition and redevelopment.

UXO risk assessment

During WWII the site for survey was a diverse urban area, occupied by a variety of different types of buildings and structures (of both commercial and residential use), as well as differing sections of open ground (gardens, recreational space, brownfield).

Furthermore, parts of the site sustained different degrees of bomb damage and the post-war developmental history was also complex.

Ahead of demolition and redevelopment work, SafeLane Global was brought in to conduct detailed unexploded ordnance risk assessment.

Bringing all the above factors together to plot the different UXO risk zones within a large area presented a challenge.

However, even though the site occupied an area of very high WWII German bombing density, SafeLane Global’s expert research team correctly justified approximately 70% of the site as at low risk from UXO.

This saved the client valuable time and money.


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