UXO risk assessments

SafeLane Global provided preliminary risk assessments for 46 sites in the South East of England, prior to the refurbishment and installation of water mains.

Preliminary risk assessments to deadline:

SafeLane Global’s client required a large number of preliminary risk assessments within a very short timeframe.

By using SafeLane Global’s unique risk assessment service, which produces accurate site specific assessments, the client was able to make quicker decisions regarding potential UXO risk, avoiding potentially costly delays to several individual projects.

Despite the fact all sites were situated in the South East, where the majority of German bombs were dropped in WWII and had a high density of military activity, over half of the preliminary risk assessments resulted in low risk levels.

This indicated no further action.

Of the remaining sites, where detailed risk assessments were recommended and carried out, several of the detailed assessments again concluded low risk levels.

Several more resulted in risk zoning (including low, medium and high risk zones).

Overall, the initial surveys resulted in a reduction of 70% of the client’s original budget for on-site UXO risk mitigation services…needless to say they were very pleased with the outcome.


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