Target investigation and excavation Enfield, UK

Following an intrusive survey on a development site in Enfield, SafeLane Global recommended excavation of an anomaly presenting as potential unexploded ordnance.

Investigation and excavation works

A leading property construction company contracted SafeLane Global to complete an intrusive survey on a development site in Enfield where ageing social housing is being replaced with newer accommodation.

During completion of the intrusive survey an anomaly was positioned directly in line with a proposed sheet pile wall.

Further surveys were conducted to try and discount the anomaly as UXO but, in this case, it was not possible to do so.  As the anomaly was on the line of the piles and it was not possible to redesign the layout.

With advice from SafeLane Global’s UXO experts, the client decided to investigate and remove the item.

SafeLane Global provided a target investigation team to manage the excavation of the target which was assessed to be approximately 4m bgl.

Once mechanical excavation was deemed too risky to continue, SafeLane Global’s 2-man EOD team was then to dig down by hand, scanning with handheld magnetometers as they proceeded.

The intent was to find and identify the source of the ferrous readings and, if the item was identified as UXO, manage the situation using standard procedures.

The excavation required a road to be partially removed, and liaison was required with both the site team and the client’s health and safety advisors.

2 non-ordnance related items were discovered proving to the client that SafeLane Global’s survey equipment was accurate and delivered good data.  It cleared the site, removed the items found, and the client successfully installed the sheet pile wall.

Construction is continuing on the site and the client’s schedule hasn’t been affected.


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