Explosive threat mitigation services

SafeLane’s land-based services stem from explosive threat mitigation and include canine detection and protection, combat engineering, geotechnical engineering including drilling and boreholes, and stabilisation and reconstruction support.  It’s an end-to-end service provider: for example, it surveys for unexploded ordnance (UXO) in the UK, provides improvised explosive device threat mitigation services (IED-TM) in Yemen and has cleared the Falkland Islands of landmines. It supports over 10,000 commercial, governmental and humanitarian partners globally.  Explore services below, or call now for immediate support.

Land services


Explore explosive threat mitigation (UXO, ERW, BAC), geotechnical, geothermal, logistics, engineering and drilling services, canine protection and detection solutions.

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Explore desktop, non-intrusive, intrusive & geophysical survey, embedded and reactive advisory, safeguarding and quality management services.

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Explore SafeLane's training and mentoring services which include explosive ordnance disposal, improvised explosive device defeat (EOD, IEDD), medical and canine.

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