Using a variety of techniques, UXO survey company SafeLane determines the level of threat posed by unexploded ordnance anywhere in the world.

SafeLane's UXO survey data can be a stand alone deliverable; alternatively it forms the basis for its many land and marine clearance projects globally.

The accuracy of its data is guaranteed, and supports better decision making and risk management, ensuring the most successful and profitable outcome for any client project. Call: +44 (0) 1634 471 340 to learn more.


Desktop surveys

SafeLane Global's desktop surveys range from threat assessments for constructors to blast simulation reports for oil and gas companies.

Non-intrusive surveys

SafeLane's geophysical non-intrusive surveys utilise magnetometers to detect buried unexploded ordnance (sub-surface ferrous anomalies).

Intrusive surveys

SafeLane's deep intrusive magnetometer surveys can be employed ahead of piling works or boreholes and can identify a risk of buried UXO.

Case studies

Intrusive survey for airdropped bombs UK

The company was contracted to provide UXO risk mitigation services for infrastructure development at a sewage treatment works in UK.

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Non-intrusive survey for a solar energy farm UK

Non-intrusive survey of a former Royal Air Force station that was being developed as a utility scale solar energy farm.

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High resolution magnetometry survey UK

SafeLane Global conducted a high resolution magnetometry survey to identity potential items of ordnance at a former RAF base in Gloucestershire.

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UXO survey services in Southern Iraq

SafeLane Global was commissioned to provide unexploded ordnance (UXO) survey services in Southern Iraq by a leading oil and gas company.

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