Ground source heating

SafeLane takes clients' geothermal energy projects from start to finish: providing consulting, concept and feasibility studies, technical due diligence, drilling services and complete solution installation.

Free sustainable energy exists in the ground beneath our feet. Geothermal drilling allows you to access and harness it, benefitting from its use in many ways.

Stored all year round as heat, in the ground and underground water at depths in excess of 15m, this source of energy can heat buildings and produce hot water.

This type of energy is labelled ‘geothermal energy’ – despite the fact that for technical accuracy, geothermal energy is actually what’s found much deeper beneath the Earth’s crust and generated by hot rock rather than the sun!

It’s a widely used term however, so SafeLane adopts it too.

SafeLane’s expert engineers employ geothermal drilling to make use of this low level, ground sourced heat, and client use the heat for running domestic and commercial buildings.

The benefits of harnessing geothermal energy include:

  • utility bills being dramatically reduced as the energy is essentially free
  • it being 100% renewable so it has virtually zero environmental impact
  • carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions reduced
  • Ground source heating systems are reliable and easy to maintain
  • Ground source heating systems are 4 times more efficient than traditional heating systems

To extract this heat energy from the ground, SafeLane Global drills and equips boreholes for what are called ground source heat pump (GSHP) systems.

How do open-loop ground source heat pumps work?

Open-loop systems exchange heat with subsurface water – water-bearing rocks or aquifers are required to be within a suitable distance from the surface.

How do closed-loop ground source heat pumps work?

Closed-loop systems extract the heat from the ground using heat exchangers installed in boreholes or trenches.

Which GSHP system should you use?

The choice will depend on the space available, the local geology and hydrology.

To find out more about geothermal drilling and installing a ground source heating system speak to SafeLane’s experts today for a free initial consultation.

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