Water boreholes FAQ

What are water boreholes? Can anyone have one? Is the water really free? What about the water quality from a borehole - and what if my borehole dries up?

The benefits of water boreholes explored in these frequently asked questions.

Water boreholes FAQ

Who can have a water borehole?

In theory, anyone who owns a garden or a piece of land can have a water borehole. And of course commercial entities that have a lot of land and/or a large demand for water can have a water borehole and benefit significantly.

Do I need a license or permission for a water borehole?

No, the Water Act of 2003 says anyone is allowed to extract up to 20,000 litres of water per day without license or charge. But if you wish to extract more than this, you will need to obtain an Abstraction License from the Environment Agency. SafeLane can help you with this entire process.

Is a water borehole bad for the environment?

No. SafeLane’s drilling rigs fully comply with the Environment Agency’s preferred methods of drilling due to their low environmental impact.

Do you guarantee to find water?

No. And be very wary of any company that offers you a guarantee! The water table is by its nature, impossible to control and predict. The BGS (British Geological Survey) does, however, provide a very reliable indication of water location and depth. In the unlikely event that we do not find water on your site, you will only be charged for the mobilisation and drilling time.

Is borehole water safe to drink?

Usually yes. However, it can contain dissolved minerals or other contamination. Your water will be tested by an accredited laboratory that will indicate the precise content of the water. If purification / filtration is needed, SafeLane will install everything required to deliver you water that is safe to drink.

What happens if the borehole water has excessive mineral content or contamination?

SafeLane will provide and install a water treatment unit to ensure the water is perfectly drinkable and ready for you to enjoy.

How much does a water borehole cost?

Each borehole is different and therefore there is no set single price for a borehole. Upon request however, you will be provided with a quote for your requirements which will depend on various factors including the use of the borehole (drinking water/irrigation etc) and the type of ground to be drilled through.

Access to our land/garden is restricted. Is this a problem?

Probably not. If needs be, smaller drilling rigs can be dismantled to pass through a standard doorway. This can be determined during a site visit, don't worry.

What does a water borehole look like when it’s finished?

The water borehole is covered by a custom designed cover, very much like a steel manhole cover. It’s completely unobtrusive.

What are boreholes for water?

A borehole used as a water well! This is completed by installing a vertical pipe (casing) and well screen to keep your borehole from caving in. This screen also helps prevent surface contaminants from entering your borehole and protects the pump from drawing in sediment.

How does a borehole water supply work?

Boreholes drilled for water tap into aquifers which are underground stores of water. Water is then pumped to the surface for commercial or domestic supply.

And, last but not least…have you got a guide to water boreholes I can read for more information?


Here’s SafeLane’s complete guide to water boreholes for commercial and domestic properties.

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