Water supply boreholes

One of SafeLane Global’s most commonly delivered engineering services is the installation of water boreholes for commercial and domestic use.

It drills boreholes for public water supply companies, water bottlers and brewers. It serves farmers for crop irrigation and general water supplies, as well as hospitals, schools and domestic private water supplies.

One of SafeLane Global’s most commonly delivered engineering services is the installation of water boreholes for commercial and domestic use.

The benefits of installing a water borehole:

  • independence from your local water company
  • hosepipe bans become a thing of the past
  • no water meters or increasing water bills
  • pure water that’s free from chlorine and fluoride
  • the same water pressure as the mains supply
  • help conserve the nation’s mains water reserves
  • unobtrusive, reliable, easy to maintain
  • add value to domestic or commercial property

What is a water borehole? 

Water boreholes are deep narrow wells that tap into naturally occurring underground water. 

A high efficiency pump brings the water to the surface from the permeable rock below.

As the water passes through the ground, it flows through layers of rock and chalk which act as natural filters.  This produces a private water supply that is often purer than that provided by the water companies.

From just a single water borehole or water well, as much as 20,000 litres (4,400 gallons) of pure water can be extracted each day without any permissions or licenses. 

That’s a huge amount of water and it’s free – want to know more?  Get in touch with SafeLane today

Domestic water boreholes

There are many advantages to having a domestic water borehole on your property, such as slashing water bills, providing purer water and adding real value to your home.

Whether you want the water for your garden, filling a swimming pool or drinking, it’ll provide your home with an endless supply of water that you can rely on.  Drought or no drought. 

It’s your own private water supply.

The average UK person uses 150 litres of water a day.  Many domestic water boreholes, or water wells if you prefer, can supply 20,000 litres a day. 

You don’t need any licenses to extract this much.  It’s your right.  And yes, it is free water.

As specialist drilling contractors, SafeLane Global provides you with an all-in-one domestic water borehole installation service for the home; from surveying to drilling, pump design to pipework.

And as a direct alternative to a metered mains water supply, it won’t take you too long to recoup the well’s installation cost either.

Commercial water boreholes

For UK property developers and commercial business owners looking to take greater control of utility bills, water boreholes present an attractive and viable proposition.

Enabling savings on annual water bills as high as 80%, compared to the mains water alternative, a commercial water borehole is a solid investment for any business consuming large quantities of water on a regular basis.

SafeLane has helped hotels, swimming pools and leisure centres, farms, garden centres, golf courses and major manufacturing plants benefit from a private water supply.  One that’s pure, constant and free.

Just a single commercial water borehole can supply a business with up to 20,000 litres of water per day.

All you need is an abstraction license, which SafeLane can arrange for you.

SafeLane Global provides you with a complete commercial water borehole installation service; its engineers survey, drill, test and install – everything you need for a safe and reliable private water supply for your business.

Water borehole drilling and lining

Before any water borehole drilling takes place, a thorough survey is carried out first by hydro-geological consultants arranged by SafeLane.

This survey confirms the composition of the ground to be drilled through to create the water well, the presence of water, its depth, quantity and quality.

Following a successful survey, a borehole drilling rig is brought to your site, along with equipment and systems to keep everything tidy.

The following water borehole drilling and lining process then follows:

  • local check for underground utilities e.g. gas, electricity, telecom
  • drill an 8in (avg.) borehole down to the water table (can be as deep as 200m)
  • depending on geology, install temporary steel casing to prevent collapses during drilling
  • onsert a minimum 5in plastic or steel casing and a slotted screen to the bottom of the hole
  • back fill the gap between the slotted screen and borehole walls with recycled glass gravel
  • cement or grout the gap between the pump chamber and borehole walls at the top of the borehole

Pump and water quality testing follows.

Borehole pump and water quality testing

Once your water borehole has been drilled and lined, testing follows to determine your exact pumping requirements and the quality of the water.

Using a submersible test pump, the flow of water coming from the borehole is checked, in terms of the natural water level, quantity and re-charge rate of the borehole.  This enables the correct sizing of your borehole pump for optimum efficiency.

It is very important that the quality of the water pumped out of your borehole is also tested.  While borehole water is generally safe to drink, it can sometimes include dissolved minerals or impurities.

For borehole water testing, water samples are sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory to establish the exact content of your water.

From the test results, any borehole water treatment systems can be specified to enable you to comply with UK water drinking regulations and ensure you have a pure, potable water supply.

Borehole water pump system design and installation

The borehole pump is critical to your water well’s performance.  It’s what brings the water to the surface.  It needs to be efficient, economical to run and reliable too.

As a specialist installer of domestic and commercial water boreholes, SafeLane sizes, designs and fits borehole pumps to suit all manner of different borehole applications.

For the borehole itself, installation of the DAB, Grundfos or Lowara brands of water pumps is usually preferred.  High quality and competitively priced, they range from standard 4in and 6in submersible stainless-steel pumps, to high powered circulation pumps and pressure sets.

You might want to add a water storage system as well; SafeLane also designs and installs all kinds of bespoke storage and pumping systems.

These include pumps to support water tanks from 1,000 to 20,000 litres in size, simple pump booster systems for domestic water supplies or multiple pump boosters supplying water at high pressure to commercial premises.

A submersible borehole pump is installed into your borehole within the pump chamber. 

An unobtrusive underground well chamber or well house is then installed above the borehole to protect the well head, pump controls and borehole water treatment equipment – this is a requirement of the private water supply regulations.

Your SafeLane engineers will also dig the trench and install the pipework to pump your water to its point of use.  And if you need them to, they’ll also install your water storage tanks exactly where they’re needed – above or below ground, whatever you prefer.

Any waste material will be taken away, the site will be cleaned up and you will be left to enjoy your own private water supply. 

Borehole water treatment

While water extracted from a borehole is perfectly safe for us to drink most of the time, to comply with the UK’s national drinking water regulations, a water treatment system is required.

Having analysed your borehole water quality, SafeLane Global installs a treatment system to deal with any irregularities in water content to ensure you receive an endless supply of safe, pure, potable (drinkable) water.

Integrated borehole water treatment systems typically include UV (ultra violet) sterilisers, iron and manganese filtration units, RO (reverse osmosis) filters and more besides.  It’s the complete solution.

Water borehole costs

Water borehole costs depend on the geology of the ground being drilled, the general site conditions, location, ease of access for drilling rigs and so on.

As a specialist in water borehole drilling, SafeLane provides you with quotes that provide a clear breakdown of borehole costs to make it easy to understand. 

Here are some typical borehole drilling costs, but please contact the SafeLane team for a project specific estimate:

Hydro-geological survey

Before providing you with a quote for the cost of drilling a borehole, SafeLane first needs to organise a hydro-geological survey for you.  Costs are dependent on the site and quantity of water required.

Borehole drilling

The cost of a borehole is based on a per meterage charge for drilling.  These costs are dependent upon diameter to be drilled, depth to be drilled to and ground conditions. Please contact us for a site specific quote.

Lining and packing the borehole

The charge per metre for the supply and installation of well screen, casing and glass/gravel filter pack is dependent on the diameter and specification of the final installation.  Materials can include PVC and stainless steel.

Well head

As a requirement of the private water supply regulations, a purpose built manhole chamber is installed over the head of the borehole.  This protects it and allows for access.  For a commercial water borehole the cost of a well head is typically £1250.

Pump system

This is a critical component.  The cost of the submersible pump system and electrical controls depends on the borehole depth, flow and pressure requirements and how far water has to travel to reach the property. 


The cost of moving borehole drilling rigs, equipment, materials and personnel to and from the site depends on location and access.

Water analysis

A full chemical analysis of the borehole water is required.  The test costs vary depending on requirements and a full chemical (Suite B) water analysis certificate is provided for your reference.

Water treatment 

Following water analysis, SafeLane will quote you for the cost of water treatment systems that you may need to meet current UK drinking water regulations.

To arrange a survey and a quote for the cost of a borehole for you home or business, get in touch today.  As specialists in borehole drilling, SafeLane will provide you with a clear breakdown of water borehole costs to make it easy to understand. 

If you have any further questions whatsoever read the water borehole FAQ or please get in touch and your call will be prioritised

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