Engineering, stabilisation and reconstruction

SafeLane has been mitigating explosive threats globally for over 30 years. Its logistics, camp establishment and project management experience also enables it to provide stabilisation, reconstruction and engineering solutions to organisations - including mining and energy companies - that wish to establish themselves in nations that have been previously affected by conflict. Stabilisation and reconstructions operations support sustainable peace initiatives and commercial advancement in previously dangerous environments. SafeLane also provides combat engineering in current conflict zones.

The goal of stabilisation and reconstruction operations:

SafeLane saves lives every day, providing positive changes for communities affected by explosive remnants of war.  

With a relevant and up to date understanding of the threat landscapes in countries including Somalia, Mozambique and Yemen, SafeLane is equipped to use its in-country experience for reconstruction and stabilisation for clients. 

The goal is always to support the long-term peace efforts of humanitarian actors. 

To help support this goal, SafeLane can provide:

These services support stabilisation in unsafe environments.

When reconstruction efforts begin, SafeLane further supports clients by: 

In post conflict environments, SafeLane uses its in-country experience to also provide project management services. 

Its unrivalled knowledge gained from the construction and management of FOBs enable it to provide crucial insights to clients involved in reconstruction and development post-conflict. 

Using unique insights, SafeLane supports clients in reinstating crucial services including:

  • energy 
  • water
  • telecommunications
  • transportation 

SafeLane will continue to use key project learnings to develop new ways to support stabilisation and reconstruction efforts across the globe. 

Contact SafeLane today to discuss how it can help you with your engineering, combat engineering, logistics and reconstruction or stabilisation operations.

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Since 2013 SafeLane Global has supported multiple clients in Somaliland, including those in the oil, gas and security industries.

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Emergency response to explosion in Somalia

In 2017, Mogadishu was rocked by the largest explosion in the city’s history. SafeLane Global's Somalia team immediately responded.

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