When a SafeLane client wished to build a new military installation on a firing range, they asked SafeLane to provide explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) consultants.

Belize gained independence from Britain in September 1981, though the two countries have continued to collaborate on military matters.

The United Kingdom retained a deterrent force in Belize to protect it from Guatemala, which had refused to recognise the newly independent state. 

British forces continue to use the distinctive jungle terrain for jungle warfare training.

When a client wished to build a new military installation on a firing range in Belize, they asked SafeLane to provide an explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) consultant to advise their personnel during a site investigation.

The consultant spent a week accompanying the client on the site, conducting real time safeguarding activities, providing advice and producing a detailed recce report upon completion of the trip. 

The report gave detailed recommendations to assist SafeLane’s client with the future planning of their construction project.

Unexpectedly encountering unexploded ordnance halts construction projects daily – the risk, the cost and the potential repetitional damage can all be avoided by ensuring you consider the risk before you begin work.

SafeLane is an end-to-end explosive threat management company – it can provide desktop risk analysis, surveys, consultancy, detection and even clearance.  Contact us today to discuss your project and how SafeLane will keep you on time, on budget and safe.

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