All Energy Conference 2019

On May 15th and 16th 2019, SafeLane Global's land and marine departments will be exhibiting at the All Energy Conference in Glasgow.

SafeLane Global works in support of the UK’s renewable energy community.

It surveys, risk assesses, detects and clears threats posed by unexploded ordnance and other hazardous contaminants – on land and in water. 

In addition, its geotechnical capabilities extend to the development of commercial water wells and ground source heating solutions.

Learn more and meet the team on stand C50 at the All Energy Conference in Glasgow on May the 15th and 16th…


SafeLane at All Energy

Come and meet Paddy, Chas, Chantelle and Emily – they will be bringing their sea mines and their grenades, their munitions and their bombs … all rendered safe of course … to demonstrate the threats that the renewable energy community faces on a daily basis when developing new projects. 

With over 30 years’ experience detecting and protecting against these threats, both on land and in water, SafeLane Global’s experts will be on hand to give site specific advice to all All Energy attendees.

Come and discuss the ways SafeLane can protect your project against harm, commercial loss or time delays, and how its drilling services extend to the development of commercial boreholes and comprehensive geothermal / ground source heating solutions.