Covhead Challenge

SafeLane staff, clients and suppliers have raised over £1,500 for charities supporting the NHS - just to see CEO Adam Ainsworth have his head shaved in the Covhead Challenge! #BaldBoss

Thank you everyone for helping to SMASH Adam’s £1,000 target – as well as helping our wonderful NHS – look what your money achieved:

Watch CEO Adam have his head shaved to raise over £1,500 for the NHS

Can you help raise £1,000 to support the NHS?

Our CEO, Adam, has agreed to participate in the Covhead challenge and shave his head … but he’ll only do it if we raise £1,000 for the NHS by April the 12th!

  1. please share this post and ask your network to consider a donation to the Covhead Challenge to help the NHS 
  2. you too can donate by clicking here (even £1 will help)
  3. And IF we raise £1,000 by April the 9th, Adam’s family will shave his head and film it for us all to enjoy!

#BaldBoss – are you in?   

Look at this hair – it needs a cut!!

Adam needs a hair cut

If you donate or ask friends or family to donate, please let us know because we need to tot up the SafeLane donations so we know when we hit £1,000. 

Or just mention SafeLane in your donation message like this: –

Donating to the Covhead Challenge for the NHS

Please share this article – and click here to donate to support the NHS if you can.  Thank you!