SafeLane Sustainable

#SafeLaneSustainable is about showcasing how our unique knowledge and expert problem-solving skills protect people, enhance environments, and advance ambitions on a global scale.

As experts in the field of explosive threat mitigation, SafeLane is committed to ensuring land and marine environments are fundamentally safe.  Our clearance efforts enable the sustainable development of communities globally. 

Over the past 12 months, as our world has been regularly restricted by the global pandemic, as travel has been prevented and fundamental ways of doing business have changed, a bigger platform has emerged for planet-centric conversations. 

This is why, in 2021, we are launching SafeLane Sustainable and our three new value streams : we want to take a more active role in these conversations.

Additionally, we want to gain feedback from our clients about the environmental goals that are important to them, and we want to transparently communicate how we interact responsibly with the land and marine environments in which we work.

What is SafeLane Sustainable?

We’re already known for mitigating explosive threats – worldwide.  Whether we’re working on land or in the marine environment, in the UK, Germany or internationally, every project is delivered to the highest standards. 

The SafeLane Sustainable initiative has been created to raise awareness of the additional work our teams do to support our clients whilst ensuring the maintenance of natural resources. 

We have three new value streams.  So SafeLane Sustainable is about how our unique knowledge and expert problem-solving skills:

  • protect people,
  • enhance environments, and
  • advance ambitions on a global scale

It’s also about listening to you, our clients – and learning about what’s important to you, and how we can support your own sustainability ambitions.

Examples of #SafeLaneSustainable

SafeLane is committed to maintaining ecological balance and working to create a better world, which is why we are a proud signatory to the UN’s Global Compact.

Examples of our commitment can be seen in the work we do to enable green initiatives globally by providing core services to support the safe development of renewable energy projects, and how we are spearheading with the delivery of geothermal energy solutions.

Additionally, we are:

Over the coming weeks, we’ll delve deeper into the stories that showcase how we’re delivering on our three core SafeLane Sustainable value streams:

  • Protecting people
  • Enhancing environments
  • Advancing ambitions

If you’d like to learn more about how we can support your project, please get in touch with us today.  We’d be delighted to hear about the challenges you’re perhaps facing, and how we can help you overcome them and create a sustainable solution.

And if you’re already our client, please do contact your SafeLane representative to discuss how we can further support your own organisation’s environmental ambitions.

ISO 14001

Craig Robertson is SafeLane’s Health & Safety and Quality Control Manager: here he explains why SafeLane’s ISO 14000 accreditation is driving positive and sustainable change across the entire company:

“At SafeLane Global, having our ISO 14001 accreditation means that we have a clear focus on our environmental responsibilities.  This enables us to constantly work on improving our environmental performance across all business units.

“By regularly reviewing our performance against benchmarks and working towards our ambitious environmental targets we can review and improve.  The performance assessments we undertake highlight key areas we can work on to reduce any negative impact on the environment. 

“There are certain aspects of the business where we cannot remove our impact entirely, such as when it comes to fuel usage.  But we can and do look at all issues that have a negative impact and find solutions to at least reduce the impact – such as ensuring all vehicles are well maintained and operating at optimal performance levels to reduce emissions, and that when not in operation engines are not left idling.

“By reviewing datasets across each business unit and across each project globally, we can find and resolve minor issues before they become larger problems – and we can share best practice across the group to advance positive developments more rapidly.

“Conducting regular environmental audits ensures that we are meeting legislative requirements and we are compliant with ISO 14001, and it means we remain on the right path to ensure our global operations protect people, enhance environments and advance ambitions.  #SafeLaneSustainable”