SafeLane [Safe-Lane], noun. /  seɪf-leɪn /

  1. The established global leader for mitigating hazardous material and security threats – on land and in water.
  2. The proven comprehensive solutions provider to humanitarian, commercial and governmental operations worldwide.
  3. A path cleared for safe passage through any hazard.


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CBRW Magazine Featuring Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter, one of SafeLane's Subject Matter Experts, features in CBRW: discussing IEDD operator search procedures for use in semi- and non-permissive environments.

Daniel Carter CBRW
UXO risk in Birmingham

Unexploded ordnance (UXO) from WWII continues to be unearthed on construction sites across Birmingham. The city was heavily bombed during WWII but not all ordnance detonated. Understand and mitigate this risk to your project and site personnel.

UXO risk in Bristol

Understand why there's a risk of encountering unexploded ordnance (UXO) in Bristol on construction and infrastructure sites - and how you can mitigate this risk to protect your project's timelines and your people.

UXO risk in Glasgow & Clydebank

Understand why the strategic importance of Glasgow and Clydebank meant they were heavily bombed during WWII. Learn how a legacy of unexploded ordnance (UXO) presents a real risk to construction sites to this day.

UXO risk in Liverpool

Liverpool's docks and city centre were repeatedly bombed during WWII, but not all airdropped ordnance detonated and this unexploded ordnance (UXO) remains a lethal legacy to this day, affecting construction sites.

UXO risk in Manchester

Understand why Greater Manchester was so heavily bombed, why unexploded ordnance still remains a threat to construction sites and what you can do to mitigate this risk.

UXO risk in Sheffield

Discover why construction and infrastructure sites in Sheffield are at risk from the legacy of WWII unexploded ordnance.

SafeLane UN Communication on Progress 2022

SafeLane's UN Global Compact Communication on Progress 2022 covering the reporting period March 2021 - March 2022.

GeoDrilling International – Why Prevention is Better Than Cure

WB+AD Morgan features in GeoDrilling International discussing why prevention is better than cure when it comes to boreholes. Read now.

Achieving net-zero with open loop ground source heating

WB+AD featured in Morgan GeoDrilling International with an article discssing net zero open loop ground source heating solutions. Read now.

SafeLane SnapShot winter 21/22

SafeLane SnapShot: issue 07 | winter 21-22 | English language edition. Catch up on all the latest company news: people, projects and plans.

SafeLane SnapShot autumn 2021

SafeLane SnapShot: issue 06 | autumn 2021 | English language version.

Who should you trust to conduct a UXO risk assessment?

A guide to the checks you need to make when choosing a UXO risk assessment service provider to ensure your personnel and your project are safe from lethal explosive risk.

SafeLane UN Communication on Progress 2021

SafeLane's UN Global Compact Communication on Progress covering the reporting period June 2019 - March 2021.

Supporting ports & harbours mitigate explosive risk

A guide to the risk unexploded ordnance poses for port workers & harbour masters, and how SafeLane Global's services can mitigate the threat and support dredging, construction or infrastructure works

Borehole geophysical issues in Cambridge

Discover how SafeLane company WB+AD Morgan overcame geophysical issues to drill a borehole for open loop ground source heating in Cambridge.

Reinjection borehole Lord’s

SafeLane company WB+AD Morgan has been drilling a reinjection borehole at Lord's cricket ground in London for ground source heating.

Staying COVID-19 secure

SafeLane Global's confirmation that it complies with the UK government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Borehole installation process

Whether you want to be self-sufficient, protect livestock or crops from drought, or simply cut your water costs, here's how we take you from consultation to clean water and install your private residential or commercial borehole.

SafeLane SnapShot winter 2019

SafeLane SnapShot: issue 05 | winter 2019 | English language version.

SafeLane SnapShot autumn 2019

SafeLane SnapShot: issue 04 | autumn 2019 | English language version.

SafeLane’s Falklands team feature in Penguin News

The Global Gallop team from the Falkland Islands featured in the local newspaper, Penguin News. They were commended for their contribution to this amazing cause.

Company values

SafeLane staff are driven and united by four common values: passion, integrity, quality and professionalism. Learn more about what these values really mean.

Defence Employer Recognition Scheme

SafeLane has received the bronze award from the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) for its support of defence personnel.

SafeLane SnapShot summer 2019

SafeLane SnapShot: issue 03 | summer 2019 | English language version.

SafeLane timeline

Understand the origins of SafeLane Global and how MineTech, BACTEC, DKMR, DMS, BB Barth and Dynasafe fit together.

SafeLane SnapShot spring 2019

SafeLane SnapShot: issue 02 | spring 2019 | English language version.

Marine unexploded ordnance services explained

SafeLane risk assesses, surveys, detects, identifies and clears unexploded ordnance - including chemical munitions - in any marine environment in the world.

Ciria C681 unexploded ordnance flowchart

A flowchart detailing the Ciria C681 unexploded ordnance 4 stage risk management process for constructors - how to deal with the risk of unexploded bombs when developing in the UK

SafeLane SnapShot winter 2018

SafeLane SnapShot: issue 01 | winter 2018 | English language version.

London City Airport UXO clearance project

SafeLane's marine team has completed 3,000 safe UXO clearance dives so far, making London City Airport's expansion plans possible.

Modern slavery and human trafficking policy

SafeLane Global's commitment to The Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Technical survey of Yorke Bay begins for Falkland Islanders

The Honourable Leona Vidal-Roberts, writing about SafeLane Global.