With unswerving focus on the removal of risk for over 30 years, SafeLane Global protects against the threats of harm and commercial loss that unexploded ordnance poses to its 10,000+ clients globally.

Additionally, it protects personnel, assets and operations from security risks - even in live and complex conflict zones.

Clients value its agile and responsive approach, which provides bespoke land and marine solutions based on individual requirements.

SafeLane has completed over 20,000 detection, protection, area clearance and canine projects in more than 60 different countries since inception.  

It defeats explosive dangers, clears hazardous risks, manages contamination and counters security threats for its global commercial client-base.

It supports the commercial success and operational security of construction and mining companies, oil, gas and energy organisations, seismic and infrastructure projects.

By underwriting the risk, managing the threat and delivering comprehensive solutions, SafeLane ensures reputational risk, project delays and financial loss are avoided, and the lives of innocent people worldwide are protected.



Protecting construction personnel, projects and profits from volatile unexploded ordnance (UXO) that kills. Experts in the removal of WWI and WWII UXO in Germany and the UK.

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Contamination management

Providing land and marine contamination management services; from the identification of the contaminant risk to the selection of the appropriate remedial solution.

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SafeLane provides comprehensive mitigation services to counter the risks of unexploded ordnance to enable the development of critical infrastructure such as roads, bridges and airports.

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Clearing threats posed by explosive ordnance including mines, UXO & chemical munitions: allowing on- and offshore renewable energy projects to progress safely.

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Supporting land and marine seismic acquisition and survey operations with safeguarding, consultancy and explosive remnants of war detection and clearance.

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Ensuring successful operations by mitigating security, contamination or explosive threats for energy facilities and exploration projects.

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Supporting commercial mining operations in Europe and Africa; removing threats posed by everything from intruders, land contaminants and unexploded ordnance including IEDs.

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