SafeLane supports the essential work undertaken by international diplomats as they represent their nations' interests and citizens abroad.

Through the provision of comprehensive safety and security solutions, it enables ambassadors, consular officers and their staff to conduct their missions without harm.

Currently operational in numerous live complex conflict zones, SafeLane’s canine teams protects the embassies and diplomats of multiple nations from the risks posed by explosive threats – 24 hours a day.

Canine teams also provide perimeter security and counter intruder threats to ensure a given embassy or diplomatic compound’s defences are robust.

Operations are scalable and tailored to each client’s requirements.

Examples include advancing protection for visiting VIPs, supporting missions that mobilise beyond an embassy’s compound and being rapidly responsive for additional operations, such as increasing airport or infrastructure security.

Case studies

Explosives detection dog teams in Damascus Syria

SafeLane Global was asked to supply explosive detection dog (EDD) capacity to support humanitarian operations in Damascus, Syria.

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Detection dogs in Afghanistan

SafeLane Global was tasked with the provision of narcotic detection dogs (NDD) and explosive detection dogs (EDD) in Afghanistan.

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Detection and patrol dogs Burkina Faso

Using security and detection dogs, SafeLane protects a large mining company in Burkina Faso from security risks, including those from militants that threaten the safety of the region.

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