Operational for over 30 years, SafeLane manages the continually evolving threat landscape for its clients through the application of substantive experience and innovative solutions.

Security services offered are comprehensive, based on an individual client's needs, assessed on the basis of the threats they face, and tailored to mitigate all in-country risk.

SafeLane currently protects clients and their operations in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

It provides comprehensive security services to remove risks posed by intruders and all unexploded threats including improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Through the provision and utilisation of canine teams, highly trained personnel, mechanical assets and the latest technology including drones, anti-drone technology and disruptors, it keeps commercial, humanitarian and governmental clients lives, assets and projects protected.

It also delivers rapid and expert response to defeat explosive risks that may present a threat to clients’ assets and lives anywhere in the world – on land and in water.

In terms of its canine security teams, they currently perform the following operational tasks:

  • Entry control point protection 
  • Building sweeps
  • Open area and road sweeps
  • Vehicle, ship and aircraft sweeps
  • Battlefield clearance
  • Package searches
  • Airport sweeps
  • Explosive detection
  • Narcotic detection
  • Search and patrol
  • Perimeter security

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Case studies

Detection and patrol dogs Burkina Faso

Using security and detection dogs, SafeLane protects a large mining company in Burkina Faso from security risks, including those from militants that threaten the safety of the region.

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Detection dogs in Afghanistan

SafeLane Global was tasked with the provision of narcotic detection dogs (NDD) and explosive detection dogs (EDD) in Afghanistan.

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Explosives detection dog teams in Damascus Syria

SafeLane Global was asked to supply explosive detection dog (EDD) capacity to support humanitarian operations in Damascus, Syria.

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