SafeLane Global delivers technical analysis, embedded expertise and safeguarding guidance as part of its range of consultancy services.

From strategic to tactical, from theoretical to practical, every aspect of a client’s advisory requirements are met by SafeLane Global’s subject matter experts.

Its services are uniquely designed to meet the needs of each client.


Drawing on its operational experience: on land, in water, in the UK, Germany and internationally, SafeLane global’s advisory staff are subject matter experts with the most up to date technical expertise and live experience.

From providing needs analysis to embedding staff for rapid reactions, whatever your advisory needs, trust SafeLane Global to deliver.


Canine consultancy

Canine consultancy, need analysis and training.

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Embedded consultancy

Embedded consultancy to support operations and develop client capability.

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Reactive consultancy

SafeLane Global's proven reactive consultancy services save lives.

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SafeLane Global's safeguarding services protect its clients' personnel and commercial successes.

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Quality assurance and quality control

SafeLane Global provides third party quality assurance and quality control services for clients.

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