Boreholes and drilling services

SafeLane Global’s water well department carries out large commercial well drilling operations throughout the UK and overseas. Discover the full range of services offered and request your free consultation.

SafeLane Global’s water well department carries out large commercial well drilling operations throughout the UK and overseas.

The department can construct boreholes up to 500mtr in depth for mineral exploration and deep monitoring points.

Large diameter boreholes, up to 610mm, can be constructed using SafeLane’s specialist drilling techniques.

Large diameter boreholes are used for commercial water production wells for industry, mine and quarry dewatering – and the installation of conductor casings for the oil and gas industry.

SafeLane offers a full service to clients including:

  • Design,
  • Construction,
  • Installation,
  • Development,
  • Test pumping,
  • Commissioning and,
  • Licensing.

Examples of projects undertaken include:


With the cost of mains water ever increasing, the knock-on effect for companies that have high-water usage can have a devastating influence on profit margins.

In the UK there are many reservoirs of groundwater beneath properties that are untapped; these can prove to be a cost saving resource for high-water users, examples of such include:

  • Process water for food and drink processors,
  • Irrigation for farms, golf courses and sports stadiums,
  • Cooling for power plants,
  • Alternative supply for hospitals, factories, caravan sites and all other high-water users.

Whatever your requirements for water, if you use large volumes, SafeLane will help devise a cost-effective alternative to your current water supply.

Ground source open loop

Groundwater temperatures are relatively stable at depths of 20m below ground surface.  They generally range between 8 and 11 ºC and normally corresponds to the average ambient temperature of the area.  They will further increase by 2 to 3 ºC for every 100m depth.

As a result, there is a temperature difference between above-ground (air) temperatures and below-ground (including groundwater) temperatures for most of the year.  The ground/groundwater is colder than air during summer and warmer than air during winter.

Ground source heat pump (GSHP) systems can harness this heat energy for heating or cooling buildings.

In open-loop systems, groundwater is abstracted at ambient temperature from the ground.  It is then passed through a heat exchanger where the energy is harnessed, before being re-injected back into the ground or discharged at the surface.

Open loop systems normally consist of two or more water wells drilled deep into the aquifer, one will be used for water abstraction and the second for the re-injection of the water back into the aquifer after passing through the heat exchanger.


Shallow dewatering systems can improve ground conditions to enable works to be undertaken in dry, safe and stable working conditions.

These systems typically involve the installation of wellpoints or shallow pumping wells around a proposed excavation site.

Deep dewatering systems are normally used to dewater mineral mines, quarries and tunnelling projects to create a safe environment for the workforce.

Whether your requirement is for wellpoints, ejector wells or pressure relief wells, you can be sure SafeLane has the correct machine and expertise for your needs.

Large diameter dewatering wells cover various projects such as:

  • Deep dewatering wells,
  • Test pumping wells,
  • Observation wells,
  • Ground water remediation wells,
  • Recharge wells and,
  • Tunnel and shaft wells.

The installation of these wells takes place in order to lower water levels and provide a dry site that is safe and groundwater controlled.

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John Gowans, Water Well Manager at Safelane Global.

John and his dedicated team have decades of relevant industry experience, managing projects into the millions.

Please contact John directly with any questions you may have about SafeLane, its services or experience.

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