SafeLane Global delivers land and marine technical engineering services for its 10,000+ clients in the UK, Germany and internationally.

Engineering services include technical diving work, demolitions, well and borehole drilling and combat engineering.

With unrivalled experience in the widest range of land and marine end environments, and with its in-house assets and capability, SafeLane Global can deploy rapidly to fulfil its commercial, humanitarian and governmental clients' needs anywhere in the world.

Engineering capabilities:

UK land engineering capabilities:

Land engineering capabilities in the UK are managed by SafeLane Global’s explosive ordnance disposal engineers.

Capabilities extend beyond mitigating the risks of unexploded ordnance (UXO) to include well and borehole drilling and pile probing for commercial clients. 

Here’s a complete guide to water boreholes for commercial and domestic supplies as well as a water borehole FAQ.

UK land engineering services are managed from SafeLane Global’s Gillingham offices.


Europe land engineering services:

From its offices in Germany, SafeLane Global undertakes commercial blasting operations across Europe. 

Examples include blasting to eliminate obstacles in impervious walls in opencast mining, foundation blasting or blasting in drill holes.   

In addition, it prepares or secures demolitions on behalf of the explosive ordnance clearance services of the German Federal States. 

In certain cases, where UXO cannot be transported to SafeLane Global’s explosive ordnance clearance stations, it must be destroyed in situ.

International marine engineering capabilities:

SafeLane Global’s international marine capabilities encompass all technical diving work, with specialisms in explosive ordnance clearance and hydraulic steelwork. 

Additional marine engineering services offered include:

  • Diver investigation works,
  • Clearance and disposal operations for offshore wind farms, sub-sea cabling and pipe laying projects,
  • Mine clearance,
  • Port, dock and harbour clearance,
  • Capital dredging works support, and
  • Oil, gas and mineral exploration support.

International engineering services:

SafeLane Global’s internationally deployable personnel include senior combat engineers; they are mobilised to support field operations when projects are being undertaken under combat conditions. 

Combat engineers typically project manage and support construction and fortification efforts. 

Recent examples include building blast and security walls, and giving instruction and mentoring African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) forces in the correct use and building of defensive positions, weapon stations, forward operating base (FOB) protection upgrades, entry control points (ECP) and vehicle check points (VCP).

Case studies

Combat engineering in Somalia

Vehicle checkpoint (VCP) rebuild; inner security ring Mogadishu International Airport.

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Oil & gas consultancy in Somaliland

Since 2013 SafeLane Global has supported multiple clients in Somaliland, including those in the oil, gas and security industries.

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Emergency response to blast recovery effort Somalia

In 2017, Mogadishu was rocked by the largest explosion in the city’s history. SafeLane Global's Somalia team immediately responded.

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