Determining the level of any posed unexploded ordnance (UXO) threat, on land or in water, is often the first stage of any SafeLane Global detection or clearance project anywhere in the world.

Additionally, SafeLane Global's research output and survey data are stand alone deliverables for its 10,000+ clients.

Its accurate reporting supports better decision making and risk management, ensuring the most successful outcome for any project.

UXO surveys

Initial risk mitigation analysis undertaken by SafeLane Global for its clients’ projects identifies the most appropriate and relevant UXO survey technique and technology that should be deployed.

This depends upon the following key criteria:

• The type of UXO or unexploded bomb (UXB)
• Possible depth of UXO/UXB
• Ground conditions
• Scope of the proposed works
• Future use of the project site

Using a wide range of specialist in-house geophysical survey technologies and techniques, SafeLane Global provides tailor made solutions for land and marine UXO projects.  Each survey solution is designed to detect the potential target UXO.

On site QA/QC is conducted along with software analysis verification by its in-house geophysicists to ensure that each survey solution is fit for purpose.

UXO surveys are conducted by SafeLane Global’s in-house resources, (plant, equipment, technology and personnel) without the need to rely on sub-contracted services or equipment.


Desktop surveys

SafeLane Global's desktop surveys range from threat assessments for constructors to blast simulation reports for oil and gas companies.

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Non-intrusive surveys

SafeLane Global deploys a variety of non-intrusive survey technologies and systems.

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Intrusive surveys

Intrusive surveys permit detection far beyond the capabilities of a non-intrusive survey.

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Intertidal and marine surveys

SafeLane Global conducts marine and intertidal surveys worldwide.

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Case studies

Intrusive survey for airdropped bombs UK

The company was contracted to provide UXO risk mitigation services for infrastructure development at a sewage treatment works in UK.

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Non-intrusive survey for a solar energy farm UK

Non-intrusive survey of a former Royal Air Force station that was being developed as a utility scale solar energy farm.

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High resolution magnetometry survey UK

SafeLane Global conducted a high resolution magnetometry survey to identity potential items of ordnance at a former RAF base in Gloucestershire.

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UXO survey services in Southern Iraq

SafeLane Global was commissioned to provide unexploded ordnance (UXO) survey services in Southern Iraq by a leading oil and gas company.

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