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SafeLane has been active in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, dealing with the legacy of international conflict, particularly landmine decontamination.

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Long before the rise of ISIS in 2014, SafeLane Global had been active in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq on a range of tasks dealing with the legacy of international conflict. The Region and wider Iraq was, and continues to be, one of the most landmine contaminated countries in the world.

As well, it is heavily littered with explosive remnants of war. ISIS developed improvised explosive devices (IEDs) have worsened and complicated this threat, which SafeLane Global continues to mitigate with the provision of technical understanding, extensive clearance capabilities and security enhancements such as explosive detection dog teams.

Supporting its unmatched in-country experience in Iraq are SafeLane Global’s dedicated field offices and kennel facilities, which enable it to mobilise and deploy rapidly to meet any requirement.


Villa S9/13 Atconz Development, New Azadi Village, Erbil

Clearing contaminated land and marine environments since inception

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