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Quality Management is an essential component of any successful operation. SafeLane Global recognizes the importance of QA/QC to ensure that its own and its clients' operations are conducted to the highest standards of safety and compliance.

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Quality assurance and quality control services:

SafeLane provides clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their operations are being conducted to the highest standards of safety and compliance. Whether it is in the field of explosive hazard management or another industry, SafeLane Global's QA/QC services are designed to ensure that clients can operate with confidence and achieve their goals with minimal risk and maximum efficiency.

SafeLane’s quality management services are a critical component of its overall approach to explosive hazard management as well as a standalone deliverable for clients who may need their operations overseeing.  

Third party quality auditors

SafeLane Global's third party quality auditors provide its clients with invaluable unbiased inspections, reports and feedback. Its external quality assurance and quality control personnel have the technical expertise relating to each client's project or needs, and work to ensure clients maintain compliance and safe practice.

SafeLane Global's QA/QC personnel are highly trained and experienced professionals who are deployed to client sites to ensure that due diligence is being implemented and compliance is being maintained. These personnel work closely with clients to develop customized QA/QC plans that meet their specific needs and ensure that all activities are conducted in accordance with industry best practices and regulatory requirements.

SafeLane's internal quality management system (QMS)

SafeLane provides the expertise and skills to manage the entire unexploded ordnance or mine clearance outputs.  This includes the coordination and direction of both the clearance and QA/QC contracts. 

SafeLane Global's quality management system is comprehensive and encompasses the entire project cycle of survey and clearance operations. This includes implementing quality assurance and control procedures, conducting inspections and audits, and providing training and support to ensure that all personnel are fully equipped to meet the highest standards of safety in the management of explosive risk.

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