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All SafeLane Global's work is underpinned by UK military experience, industry best standards and rigorous quality management systems certified by ISO 9001:2015.

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Working to defeat explosive hazards – on land and in water – and protecting humanitarian, governmental and commercial operations from security risks, SafeLane Global operates in some of the world’s most dangerous environments.

Critical to the success of its missions is the wellbeing of its staff, its canines, its clients and the local communities in which it works.

SafeLane's statment relating to anti slavery and human trafficking can be accessed here.

In terms of accreditation it adheres to:

- Its own robust, industry-leading operating standards;
- Its award-winning quality management system, International Mine Action Standards (IMAS), and
- The highest level of country-specific technical and licensing requirements globally.
- Through so doing, SafeLane Global leads by unparalleled example. 

SafeLane is a member of:

ISOA ADS Counter-EO UK UN Global Compact


All operation are conducted in line with the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS)



ISO accreditation

  ISO 9001 ISO 45001 ISO 14001  

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