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UXO Services

SafeLane's marine unexploded ordnance risk mitigation services are comprehensive and range from risk assessments to clearance and demolition.

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Marine UXO geophysical survey

SafeLane combines onshore data from risk assessments with offshore and intertidal geophysical unexploded ordnance (UXO) survey data to deliver clients data they can rely upon to make informed decisions relating to explosive risk.

With a wide range of survey experience - ranging from shallow water surveys to deep sea investigation works, SafeLane’s experienced operations team can produce detailed services for every phase within any size of geophysical survey campaign.

SafeLane has delivered offshore and intertidal unexploded ordnance (UXO) surveys across the globe, and employs a dedicated team of highly trained marine geophysicists able to respond rapidly to fulfil any client requirement.

Always working to client specifications, SafeLane provides bespoke solutions and correlates data sets using its own in-house industry-leading software. 

SafeLane always provides the best solution to your geophysical survey requirements.

The blend of experience and the latest technology means SafeLane can support a client's UXO risk management strategy with the following geophysical survey related services: 

  • marine environmental impact assessments
  • consent survey services
  • bathymetric surveys with LiDAR combination
  • magnetic total field and gradiometer surveys with sonar road mapping
  • 3D seismic surveys with geological interpretation 
  • UXO data interpretation and as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) submission 
  • data management and processing services

Marine UXO target investigations

After unexploded ordnance (UXO) surveys have been completed, target investigations begin on relevant areas to determine if UXO is present. These investigations can be completed in any marine environment whether offshore, nearshore or in intertidal zones.

SafeLane Global will either gather or process marine survey data and create an efficient and cost-effective methodology for full target investigation works. 

Its technical team has extensive target investigation experience and it produces appropriate, detailed documentation using workflows and databases that have been developed in-house.

SafeLane provides investigation services using:

  • its marine technical operations and management team
  • internationally qualified explosive ordnance disposal clearance diver teams, to learn more about our diving capabilities click here
  • specialist work class remote operated vehicles, (WROV)

SafeLane has the technical capabilities to identify and overcome any challenges posed by obstructions including unexploded ordnance and chemical munitions in the marine environment.  It enables its clients projects to progress safely and profitably as a result.

Marine UXO disposal operations

Removing ordnance in a safe and controlled manner in the marine environment is a complex process that requires experience and specialist management.

SafeLane Global has over 30 years' experience in explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) in the marine environment and will overcome all challenges to ensure the requirements of clients and local governing bodies are met.

Once unexploded ordnance (UXO) has been confirmed in any marine environment, SafeLane Global will comprehensively manage the situation to ensure the threat no longer poses a risk. 

SafeLane Global has the capability to conduct subsea explosive demolition and destruction of UXO, using a range of specialist explosives, accessories and methodologies.

It underwrites and fully mitigates the risk – keeping clients safe and ensuring their projects remain on track.

Managing unexploded ordnance in the marine environment

Targets are investigated and then disposed of using the most appropriate method – which is dependent upon many factors including the ordnance type, its location and depth.

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) divers or work class remote operated vehicles (WROV) are likely to be deployed.

Due to constraints posed by licensing, environmental considerations etc. there may be a requirement to relocate the UXO prior to its disposal. SafeLane uses specialist subsea lifting equipment or WROV to fulfil the requirement of relocation and removal. 

When it is safe to do so, it may be a requirement for SafeLane to bring the UXO to the surface and transfer it to land for disposal.

SafeLane’s expertise means it is able to provide UXO disposal services in any marine environment in the world.  It offers this service for both conventional munitions containing high explosives and for munitions containing chemical warfare agents such as nerve or mustard gas.

Mitigating explosive risk in any marine environment

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