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Data Management

With a wide range of survey experience ranging from shallow water surveys to deep sea investigation works, SafeLane’s experienced operations team can produce detailed services for every phase within any size of geophysical survey campaign.

How can we help?

SafeLane's marine team can provide data processing for:

  • bathymetry and LiDAR (light detection and ranging data)
  • side scan sonar data 
  • magnetics industry standard and bespoke ability
  • marine seismic data

Data interpretation

SafeLane's marine geophysicists provide comprehensive and accessible data analysis to support clients' informed decision making.

They can assess potential unexploded ordnance (UXO) target lists that require further action.

Through the analysis of all available data they will make appropriate recommendations relating to any further action required to determine or mitigate any perceived threat from UXO. 

Data quality assurance / reviews

SafeLane can provide objective 3rd party data audits of client provided data that is tailored to specific requirements.

The team has experience working with multiple datasets, in cross correlation and target characterisation.

Technical assessments

The marine team can review campaign plans and calculations and provide bespoke technical notes.

These technical assessments can support clients in developing their understanding of variables and costs that can affect their projects.

Supporting your project's successful outcome

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