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Project Management

SafeLane provides project management services to clients where unexploded ordnance (UXO) has been identified as a potential risk on a project, where it poses a threat to planned works, or when dedicated UXO clearance operations are required.

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SafeLane's marine department has over 30 years' experience working offshore, inshore, nearshore and in intertidal zones globally.

It provides technical expertise to assist in both marine project planning and project management.

SafeLane has experience working on large geophysical survey campaigns, diving works, and deep-water target investigation as well as conducting disposal operations.

This experience gives it the ability to produce necessary procedures and associated documentation for successful project delivery. 

As well as understanding the physical threat ramifications posed by unexploded ordnance (UXO), including chemical munitions, SafeLane also understands the commercial and reputational risks its clients face. 

SafeLane's understanding of its clients priorities and pain points, combined with its understanding of the UXO landscape in the marine environment ensures successful project delivery. 

Keep your project on time, on budget and safe

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