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Chemical Warfare

SafeLane is able to provide chemical warfare monitoring and decontamination teams on-board vessels conducting operations in or near known chemical dumpsites.

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SafeLane provides comprehensive chemical warfare control and risk services in any marine environment anywhere in the world.

Services include awareness training, the supply of appropriate equipment and qualified personnel to deal with specific requests and requirements.

For the past decade, SafeLane has been assisting with pre and post marine construction operations in the Baltic chemical dumpsites

The services provided during these specific works include:

  • the development of work execution plans
  • chemical safety briefings
  • safety response procedures and on-board training
  • deployment of specialist personnel, specialist monitoring and decontamination equipment
  • continual real-time monitoring of all seabed recovered equipment
  • onboard decontamination and certification
  • onshore contamination testing

SafeLane's marine stores are stocked to supply Helcom kits, specialised safety equipment and provisions - its teams are ready to deploy to any marine environment.

Protect your personnel, projects and marine environmental integrity - contact SafeLane for an immediate response.

Protect your personnel and your project with our chemical warfare services

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