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To enable the safe development of critical infrastructure projects globally, SafeLane provides its full range of unexploded ordnance services to humanitarian, governmental and commercial clients.

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Explosive threat mitigation holds immense importance in the international infrastructure industry for several reasons.  Firstly, it safeguards the safety of workers engaged in construction, maintenance, and operation activities.

By implementing effective mitigation measures, infrastructure companies can minimise the risk of accidents, injuries, and fatalities resulting from explosive hazards.

Secondly, mitigating explosive threats protects critical infrastructure assets, including transportation systems, power grids, and water networks.

Damage caused by explosive remnants of war can disrupt services, undermine economic stability, and hamper social well-being.

Also, by actively engaging in explosive threat mitigation, the infrastructure industry can contribute to community resilience, post-conflict recovery, and sustainable development efforts.  It aids in the clearance and remediation of affected areas, allowing for safe reconstruction and the restoration of essential services.

SafeLane understands the challenges international infrastructure companies and developments face – including identifying and assessing potential explosive hazards particularly in areas with a history of conflict or military activities.  SafeLane's desktop studies provide insight into the foregoing to help its clients make informed decisions.

Detailed surveys, risk assessments, and collaboration with local authorities are all necessary to determine the extent of the threat.  Ensuring compliance with a nation’s safety standards and regulations can also pose a challenge, especially when operating across different jurisdictions.  SafeLane can support you with these challenges.

We know infrastructure companies must navigate through a diverse array of national and international guidelines to implement appropriate mitigation measures – but we can guide you through.

Integrating explosive threat mitigation into infrastructure planning and design requires multidisciplinary coordination, we will walk you through this.  Collaboration with your engineers, security experts, and project managers is crucial to ensure the effective integration of our proposed mitigation measures.

To effectively mitigate explosive threats in the international infrastructure industry, several strategies and best practices can be adopted.  We conduct comprehensive risk assessments and surveys prior to project initiation.

These assessments identify potential explosive hazards, evaluate their severity and impact on your project, and inform you of appropriate mitigation plans.

We also support you with integrating explosive threat mitigation into infrastructure planning and design.

Considering mitigation measures from the initial stages allows for cost-effective integration, reducing the potential for delays, redesigns, or disruptions to your project.

We also support you with promoting awareness and training for your personnel because being educated on recognising and responding to explosive threats enhances overall site safety.

SafeLane is your partner for explosive threat mitigation solutions.  We will implement effective strategies, and adhere to best practices, ensuring infrastructure companies can protect their workers, safeguard critical assets, and contribute to the overall resilience of the communities and nations our clients are working in.

Whilst challenges exist, conducting thorough risk assessments, integrating mitigation measures into planning and design, promoting awareness are providing clearance SafeLane will support your project’s success.

Protecting critial infrastructure projects from the threat of explosive ordnance

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