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SafeLane Global embeds expert personnel within client organisations and projects. They support the development of capability, advise on the technical natures of threats and ensure appropriate threat responses.

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Embedded consultancy:

SafeLane Global's embedded consultancy service is an integral part of its overall approach to explosive threat mitigation.  Its expert explosive ordnance (EO), mine action and chemical warfare consultants can provide clients instant and ongoing operational support ensuring project personnel and assets are protected.

Embedded consultants work hand in glove with clients to understand their specific needs and develop customized solutions that meet even the most exacting safety requirements. This includes conducting site assessments, risk assessments, and providing recommendations for the safe and efficient management of expected explosive hazards.

A key role embedded consultants fulfil is conducting quality assessment and quality control (QA/QC) of onsite clearance contractors.  This involves monitoring the performance of contractors and ensuring that all activities are conducted in accordance with industry best practices and regulatory requirements such as International Mine Action Standards (IMAS).

Consultants provide clients with regular reports and updates on the progress of the project, and work closely with any sub-contractors to identify and address any issues that arise throughout the duration of a project – or a given phase where exposure to explosive risk is a potential.

Another role embedded consultants play is the provision of a rapid response in the event a risk arises or is identified.  This includes responding to emergency situations, such as the discovery of unexploded ordnance during construction or excavation activities.  Embedded consultants provide on-site support and advice to ensure that risk is managed safely and efficiently.

Embedded consultants are typically placed on large construction, infrastructure, energy or clearance projects – on land and in any marine environment.  This allows them to provide ongoing support and advice to clients throughout the duration of their project.  

Could an embedded consultation team keep your project’s personnel safe, your timelines on track and your reputation intact?  Speak to the team to explore the services to support your success.

Embedding experts to advance client project success

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