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Peacekeeping Operations

SafeLane works with international governmental organisations to enable their peace and security ambitions in current conflict and post-conflict zones. 

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SafeLane actively supports international governmental organisations, and has done so comprehensively since inception.

Work undertaken includes protecting intergovernmental actors, directly countering extremism, local capacity development, stockpile destruction and the clearance of explosive remnants of war (ERW). SafeLane remains committed to helping its intergovernmental clients bring stability and peace to communities affected by conflict.

As its hypergovernmental clients work to prevent disputes from escalating into war, SafeLane provides security support to enable them to conduct their operations safely. 

Security provision can include the deployment of detection and protection canine teams for example.

For those intergovernmental clients working to restore peace when armed conflict breaks out, SafeLane provides operational support including improvised explosive device (IED) defeat, detection and protection canine teams, landmine and battle area clearance teams, and combat engineering as well.

To promote lasting peace in societies emerging from wars, SafeLane works in support of its intergovernmental clients delivering training, mentoring and capacity building programmes.

Supporting international governmental organisations since inception

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