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Kuwait UXO project

During a recent visit to a UXO clearance project in Kuwait, Project Executive Alice and Management Account Joe met with colleagues, and gathered their essential insight and feedback to help improve global operations.

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Visiting SafeLane's Kuwait unexploded ordnance clearance project

Pre-coronavirus travel restrictions, which SafeLane is adhering to, Project Executive Alice, Management Accountant Joe, and Operations Manager Åsa went to visit SafeLane's unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearance project in Kuwait in January 2020.  

As the operations were coming to an end, the team went to ensure a smooth demobilisation process, and to see what they could learn to enrich future projects.

A culture of continual improvement

SafeLane believes in continual learning and development, not just applying the same processes time and time again. 

As a result, every project demobilisation phase includes the compilation of a 'lessons learned' report that's used to then inform future projects.

Visiting Kuwait

Alice had been to visit the project during the mobilisation and said:

“It’s so interesting to come back towards the end and see how everyone has grown and developed.  There is more confidence, and everything has been running smoothly.

"Initially there are always learning curves and challenges to overcome, everyone has done a great job!”

As the project in Kuwait was drawing to a close, it was essential that the team began their project retrospective in order to understand what worked well, how challenges were overcome, and how knowledge from this project could enrich future work.  

This is #TheSafeLaneWay.

Learning from field personnel

UK HQ team members and field personnel enjoy spending time together in person.  The majority of comms and rapport building comes from digital communication channels, so it’s particularly nice to catch up over a cup of tea or coffee on occasion.

Face to face meetings help further develop working relationships.  

So, these face to face meetings in Kuwait also enabled Alice and Joe to:

  • review standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • analyse health and safety requirements
  • audit all office documentation
  • review the equipment holdings register

Camel looking at the camera. Pictured in the desert during a project visit in Kuwait.

How and why SafeLane captures feedback from its field personnel

When all the admin work was done, Joe and Alice were able to move to the feedback stage of the visit.

They ensured they caught up with field personnel to gather crucial feedback.  The aim was to understand what worked well and how SafeLane can continue to improve working conditions for all staff, anywhere in the world.

The objective of this demobilisation feedback process is to increase the understanding of the UK HQ team, and ensure field personnel understand that their wellbeing is an essential consideration for everyone at SafeLane.

Thank you to all team members

Alice, Joe and Åsa would like to thank everyone they met with - for their cooperation, all the teas and coffees, and the valuable feedback that has been gathered.  And SafeLane’s Marketing team would like to thank everyone in Kuwait for the lovely #SafeLaneJake feedback!

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