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How mine action benefits Sudan

As part of our International Mine Action Day series, we asked Abdel Moneim El-Tayeb about his logistics role in Sudan and what made him want to work in this sector. #MineActionApril

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We are grateful to Abdel Moneim El-Tayeb for giving up some of his precious time to talk to us about how his role contributes to the bigger mine action picture in Sudan.

Why did you choose a career in mine action?

“I am Abdel Moneim El-Tayeb, I am 36 years old and married with one daughter and one son.  I am a Logistics Officer for SafeLane, and a proud team member since the company’s mine action project’s inception in 2015 in Sudan.

Abdel Moneim El-Tayeb

I originally studied psychology at the Omdurman Islamic University in Sudan.  My reason for moving to work in mine action is based on wanting to support progress and overcome logistic difficulties for team members so that we can all work together as one family for the benefit of my nation.

The excitement of making a difference was my primary motivation to engage in mine action related work.  I have relations who have also previously worked in mine action, their conversations were always about the greatness of those working in this field. 

I see my professional life as sacred as I help those who do the dangerous work on the ground; as their Logistics Officer I support them with all my strength to make sure they are fully prepared for the realities of operations on the ground."

How do mine action projects benefit the people of Sudan?

"I - and the other members of my team, help people find safety away from the dangers they may face as a result of explosive remnants of war (ERW).  We are looking to provide communities with real peace of mind, offering them the safety to return to schools, to work on the land, and for industries to develop.

We ensure locals are educated on the risks of ERW, and this in turn, along with building the trust with local communities allows us to find more items and make safe more areas for our children and future generations to play.

We enable all life activities by removing the dangers related to mines - and we make the world a safer and more stable and that to me is my vocation.”

Supporting the whole team with logistics, Abdel is a critical cog in the ERW mitigation machine. 

Ensuring the teams he works with are suitably equipped to do their work safely, Abdel’s passion to create positive change is a driving force behind his admirable commitment. 

We want to thank him for his time – and thank him and the wider team in Sudan for their dedication.  Congratulations on enabling land to be safely returned to communities.

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