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Nutritional dog training treats

SafeLane canine expert Helen shares a simple recipe for liver biscuits. All dogs will love these training treats.

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Home-made nutritional dog training treats

SafeLane recently welcomed Helen Clark as Technical Manager - Canine.  She’s working alongside Bob Crawford; together they’re focusing on quality and care across all canine operations globally.

Prior to joining the SafeLane family, Helen was one of the most revered specialist search dog instructors in the UK, working for the Metropolitan Police. 

The Marketing team will be looking to Helen for canine tips and training tricks as often as possible.  This week, Helen has shared a super quick and very simple recipe for liver biscuits with us. 

All dogs - working or domestic - will love these training treats!

How to make your own nutritional dog training treats

You will need:

  • 100g of liver
  • A microwave


  1. Cut the liver into small, equal pieces about 1 cm cubes
  2. Cook on high in the microwave for 10 minutes
  3. Drain off any excess liquid
  4. Cook on high for another 10 minutes
  5. Job done!

TOP TIP: When the biscuits are cooked sufficiently, they will rattle if you shake them.

Liver bisctuis, a nutritional homemade treat for both domestic and working dogs. Recipe provided by Technical Manager (Canine) Helen Clark

Nutritional benefits:

The liver is natural, you don’t need to add anything extra to it.  This means it’s free from additives, flavourings and sweeteners - making it a great choice for any dog.

Liver contains vitamin A, vitamin B, iron, trace minerals, and is also a great source of protein!  In fact, liver can contain up to 100 times more nutrients than other muscle meats.

Training incentives - a ‘high value’ treat:

Dogs see these quick-cook liver biscuits as a ‘high value’ treat.  This means, a liver biscuit is worth more to a dog than a piece of kibble.

As training rewards, or just a treat, liver biscuits make a great choice!

Helen did leave us with a vital word of warning, creating these treats will leave a strong odour in your kitchen, so perhaps leave a window open!

Moderation is key:

As with all delicious treats, moderation is key.  Whilst these nutritional dog training treats can supply significant benefits, too much of a good thing is not a good thing!


When you make these nutritional dog training treats, send us a picture via our social media channels and let us know what your dog thought!

Introducing Helen Clark:

During her time with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Helen completed an Association of Chief Police Officers Explosive Search Instructors Course and started a fulfilling career at the elite MPS Dog Training Establishment. 

She was appointed the MPS lead instructor for explosive detection dogs and was the single point of contact for both internal and external agencies, and from visiting police forces from both the UK and abroad. 

Helen was a member of a working party setting the criteria for the new Home Office accreditation process for explosives detection dog teams throughout the UK.  The scheme is known as the National Canine Training and Accreditation Scheme or NCTAS for short.

After retiring from the police, Helen was approached with possibly the most exciting and innovative specialist search dog programme ever attempted!  She trained dogs to the new NCTAS standard with the added role of being therapy dogs that would work for multinational tech giant Google. 

Naturally, everyone at SafeLane is delighted to welcome her to the team. 

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