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Protecting dogs from aflatoxins

In dogs, aflatoxins have the potential to cause liver disease and ultimately death...SafeLane has invested in new testing equipment to ensure their working dogs are protected.

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SafeLane maintains the highest standards in working dog care across its global portfolio of canine operations – from Afghanistan to Syria.

The latest example of how SafeLane ensures its dogs are the happiest and healthiest they can be, is exemplified by the investment it’s made in testing equipment and training to ensure killer aflatoxins are not present in its dogs’ food. 

What are aflatoxins? 

Aflatoxins are poisonous carcinogens that are produced by certain moulds which can grow in soil, decaying vegetation, hay, and grains.

In dogs, aflatoxins have the potential to cause liver disease - and ultimately death. 

Thankfully, to date SafeLane’s canines have never been affected.  However, speaking about the investment in in-house testing equipment, Canine Operations Manager Bob Crawford explained:

“Whilst our dogs’ food is always stored in air conditioned containers and we're fortunate never to have encountered problems to date, we know of situations where working dogs on some companies' operations have been impacted by the presence of aflatoxins.

"We also have less control over storage conditions on our dogs' food's journey from the manufacturer to a project.  As we have projects in some of the remotest locations all over the world, it's the company position that we just cannot be too careful.

"We've long tested food, but now we're bringing a greater level of control over testing in-house."

How SafeLane protects working dogs from aflatoxins

It's SafeLane policy that a sample from each batch of food is tested upon arrival on project to ensure that it's aflatoxin free.  Thereafter, on a regular basis, samples are taken and tested from the dogs' food that is stored in rigorously controlled conditions.

Bob concluded: "This level of testing means we can be sure that our dogs' food remains safe for them to consume.  The health of our dogs is our paramount consideration - and it relies in large part on good, safe nutrition.”

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