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SafeLane Global Gallop

This September, SafeLane staff around the world will be running half marathons in locations as diverse as Mogadishu and the Forest of Dean to raise money for victims of landmines and improvised explosive devices.

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SafeLane Global Gallop

Staff from SafeLane's suite of global projects are running in solidarity to raise money for victims of landmines and improvised explosive devices. 

From UK to Somalia via Germany - and from the CEO to SafeLane's explosive detection dogs - all will be running to raise as much money as possible to support those in countries affected by explosive threats.

About the work SafeLane does 

SafeLane counters explosive threats, hazardous material dangers and security risks around the world.

It enables its humanitarian, governmental and commercial clients to achieve their objectives, whilst creating sustainably safer land and marine environments for the global community. 

SafeLane is expert in the clearance of landmines and explosive remnants of war, including improvised explosive devices, it detects weapons, narcotics and intruders, and ultimately protects against the threat of harm.

The work SafeLane undertakes helps to breathe new life into unsafe environments, and positively transforms communities and the lives of those living and working within them.

How you can help...

Make a positive difference to the lives of victims of landmines and improvised explosive devices:

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100% of your donation will be received by charities supporting those who have fallen victim to the explosive threats SafeLane's brave field staff mitigate daily.

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