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Attack on Camp Banadir in Mogadishu, Somalia

At circa 11.00hrs (local time) on Wednesday 23rd March 2022, armed insurgents entered a secure compound in Mogadishu, which houses SafeLane Global staff.

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6th May 2022

Following the attack on our camp in Mogadishu, Somalia, by armed insurgents from Al Shabab on 23 March 2022, it is with great sadness that our missing Project Manager, Gordan Novak, has now been confirmed as deceased.

Gordan was a valued and respected member of the SafeLane team who had been with us for many years.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Gordan’s family and we will remember Gordan as both a friend and colleague who always added joy and value wherever he was and whomever he was with.

In his memory, for his family, his friends and colleagues, SafeLane Global has renamed its camp HQ in Mogadishu Camp Novak.

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Two gate guards from Aven Premier International were fatally wounded.  Two Explosive Detection Dog personnel from SafeLane received gunshot wounds.  The whereabouts of SafeLane’s Project Manager is unconfirmed.

The attackers set fire to buildings before Somali Security Forces and AMISOM Quick Reaction Force arrived.  The camp was secured by circa 13.20hrs.

SafeLane would like to extend its sincere thanks to DFS whose security recovered some SafeLane personnel, Aven Premier International for sending additional security, SKA who have housed and protected personnel and dogs, RA International, UNMAS, UNSOS, Somali Security Forces and AMISOM.  We have also received a multitude of offers of assistance from numerous other entities, for which we are very grateful.

The entire SafeLane community extends its sincere condolences to the families and colleagues of the security personnel from Aven Premier International who lost their lives in this tragic incident. 

Our focus now is to confirm the whereabouts of our Project Manager and to support our staff and the families of those affected.

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